5 Popular Theatres & Concerts in Manchester

5 Popular Theatres & Concerts in Manchester

Manchester is home to never-ending things to see and do. Take a city tour you will stumble upon many incredible sights and attractions in Manchester. With such a diverse things to do and places to visit on offer, it is really hard to put all on this small piece of blog. As you proceed further, you will find Manchester’s popular concerts and theatres where you would like to spend an evening.

Royal Exchange Theatre:

A unique and excellent theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre hosts various events throughout the year. Visiting Royal Exchange Theatre is like being in a calm and tranquil oasis in the middle of a city full of hustle and bustle. If you are a big fan of stage and theatre, there is no better place to go in Manchester.

The Comedy Store:

If you are seeking a hilarious night out, the Comedy Store is for you. The Comedy Store is known for its comedians who will surely make a mark. Venue is great. It can accommodate a good number of audiences.

The Bridgewater Hall:

If you have been to the Bridgewater Hall, you might have had glances of Jacqui Abbott, Paul Heaton, Don McLaean, Chelsey Chambers and Steve Harley. Venue is fantastic – one of the best in the city.

Manchester Monastery:

One of the interesting places to be here in Manchester is Manchester Monastery. It is also a major Manchester nightlife venue. The staff are friendly and welcoming. You will witness live entertainment as soon as you land up there. Stay at the tented area for a while and enjoy some drinks before heading to the main area for delectable dinner.

Brand on the Wall:

Live music at its best! Brand on the Wall should be in your list if you are a music lover. Enjoy the music while pampering your taste buds at the added restaurant and cafe.

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