5 Popular Places in Manchester famous for Breakfasts & Brunches

5 Popular Places in Manchester famous for Breakfasts & Brunches

From posh restaurants to greasy spoons, this piece of blog lets you know the best spots to have brunch and breakfast in the metropolitan city of Manchester.

Oak Street Café:

Teacakes, frittatas, pancakes and the likes allure visitors for a perfect breakfast and brunch in the city. A well-known cafe in Manchester, Oak Street Cafe has an outstanding atmosphere with great meals. Visit the cafe anytime during throughout the day; you will be amazed to find great foods. Lunch is also delectable. If you do not hesitate to spend money, Oak Street Cafe should be your spot.


You can hit the place for both reasons – either good food or great drink. Gorilla serves typical English breakfasts. For English food lovers, Gorilla has a plenty of things on offer. Compliment your breakfast with perfect booze.

The Hideaway:

An incredible cafe to visit and have a hearty breakfast – the menu at Hideaway is not limited to traditional meaty breakfast, but visitors can try veggie items. The Hideaway can surprise you with its long list of scrumptious items.

San Carlo Cicchetti:

This particular Manchester restaurant is a must visit if you want to plunge into the best Manchester food. Do not follow the herd who mostly occupy the tables in the evenings. If you follow them, you will surely miss out the best brunch in the city.

Sugar Junction:

If you have been to Sugar Junction then you know what this beautiful venue can offer. From homecooked food to freshly baked cakes, from coffee and shakes to teas, Sugar Junction is a great spot in the midst of the city to come and enjoy a breakfast. Make sure to order eggs Florentine and eggs Benedict apart from its specialty – afternoon tea. Coffee is awesome.

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