4 Popular Places to Go When Holidaying in Manchester

4 Popular Places to Go When Holidaying in Manchester

World class eating centres, well-preserved pubs to rejuvenate body, beautiful museums to see important stuff of the bygone era and incredible Victorian architecture adorning the city, Manchester brings to you an array of things to see and do. Undergone renaissance in the recent past, visitors are likely to witness old industrial buildings converting into trendy shops, amazing restaurants and popular bars. If you are a first time visitor to Manchester, check out the following remarkable Manchester attractions – that might fascinate you.


Manchester nightlife is more vibrant and energetic with a great collection of pubs scattered throughout the city. While the city centre never let its visitors down, heading to downtown will bring a handful of places to let loose your hair. One of the prime locations on the Charles Street in Manchester downtown is the Lass O’ Gowrie. This Victorian pub is very attractive and retains the original ornate interiors and external ceramic tiling. Old Speckled Hen and Greene King XX Mild are real ales of the Lass O’ Gowrie. Mr Thomas’s Chop House is one hundred and forty years old now. You will be overwhelmed to see pictures of contemporary people photographed in black and white in Victorian-era costume. It is now a pub, bar and restaurant.


Are you roaming around central Manchester? Feeling hungry? Don’t panic; the Mughli Restaurant, situated on Wilmslow Road, is just a stone’s throw away. This is the best spot to come over and dine grill chicken, shrimp and lamp marinated in a variety of delicious sauces such as coriander, chilli and mango. Choice Bar & Restaurant is a famous Manchester restaurant serving Mediterranean and English dishes.

Heaton Park:

Sprawling lush gardens, a splendid country mansion, a beautiful boating lake, an eighteen-hole championship golf course and two playgrounds for children, Heaton Park is 640-acre park that needs a 15-minute drive from central Manchester. While the park is thronged by families for picnic, nature lovers and peace seekers can find ultimate solace here. The centre of attraction of Heaton Park is Heaton Hall.

People’s History Museum:

Visit People’s History Museum and appreciate the eighteenth and nineteenth century’s posters, cartoons and photographs of the Spanish Civil War. The museum is set in an Edwardian industrial pump house. The People’s History Museum houses more than seventy thousand photographs. Why not dare to visit the adjacent building and admire its contemporary, awe-inspiring architecture.

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