4 Budget-friendly Restaurants in Manchester

4 Budget-friendly Restaurants in Manchester

Manchester, a city where you can indulge in different activities for relaxing and rejuvenating, is also a destination for food aficionados. People from all walks of life visit and explore the place. No trip is complete until you pamper your taste buds with delicious food. No matter what your budget is, you can easily find a restaurant serving great food at great price. Here, we bring to you a few restaurants serving reasonably priced food.

Slice Pizza and Bread Bar:

In Rome, pizzas served are not round, they are rectangular. The owners of Slice Pizza and Bread Bar travelled all the way to Rome, the capital of Italy, to find out about its preparation which is very much visible in their servings. There is nothing which you will not like here as everything is prepared onsite and daily. From classic toppings such as chilli, sausage and broccoli to bouncy focaccia dressed with sea salt, rosemary and olive oil, everything here is fresh and hygienic.


Located in Northern Quarter, it is a late night music bar serving unusually lip smacking food. For many guests, its chicken, its falafel, its chilli and halloumi open kebab when enjoyed with beer makes for a complete meal. From this year on, the menus are decided by famous one half of the husband-and-wife chef, Laurence Tottingham, who runs Aumbry of Prestwich acclaim along a range of burgers and sandwiches. Here, you will get to see menus inspired by New York. You can enjoy meals at £6-£8.50 and light sandwiches and bites for£2.50-£5.9.

Pancho’s Burritos:

There are several restaurants and eating joints serving affordable food at the Arndale Market food hall but the one restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food is Pancho’s Burritos. Enrique Martinez, a Mexican, is an owner of this restaurant. Here, you will be served fat and big burritos stuffed with meats.


Do you eating eggs Benedict? Do you want to enjoy listening to Pixies? If ‘yes’ is what you might be answering then Gorilla is the place to be. It’s a late night bar and gig venue opening from 9 am on at weekends. It has its own recipes which you will not get to enjoy anywhere else. Pin-sharp, bright and fresh are some main elements of eggs Benedict.

In addition to the ones above mentioned, there are several other reasonably priced restaurants and eating joints in the city where you can enjoy finest of the dishes.

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