4 Best Burlesque Events in Manchester

4 Best Burlesque Events  in Manchester

Manchester is one city which needs no introduction. For years, it has remained the stalwarts for burlesque in the North Western part. Lots of fun and Manchester Entertainment is what you can enjoy. No matter what tickles your fancy, there is something for everyone in the form of events and shows in the beloved Manchester.

The Rowdy Show:

Burlesque presented by “The Slippery Belle”! It has been eight years that the show still catches the fancy of people. Here, you can enjoy the performances by some of the finest UK as well as international performers. This show has gained popularity because it brings to people talent from all over United Kingdom, and for its rowdy crowd.

The Theatre Show:

‘Green Eggs and Glam’ is the show organized by the team behind the success of Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival. It is held at the Danchouse. The show has gained immense popularity across the city because of being the best in cabaret and burlesque. It is happening as audience present forgoes the polite applause instead of hollers, whoops and cheers aplenty. The next event is lined up on 17th July and stars Lada Redstar who won the Best Debut award at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in the year 2013. Tickets are available from14 pounds, for standard seating, and 15 pounds, for premium.

The Northern Talent Show:

Burlesque Revue by Cherie Bebe’s is one of the greatest shows for northern talent. Currently, it is being performed at two venues in Manchester City–Richmond Tearooms and Matt &Phred’s.  You can expect the unexpected happening here.

The Dinner and Drinks Show:

“An Evening of Burlesque” organized at the 235 Casino makes for the perfect place where you can enjoy an intimate burlesque night together with two course meal served by James Martin, the restaurant at the café.

Above slated are the top four best Burlesque events you can enjoy as a pat of Manchester Nightlife. So, head for a fulfilled Manchester Tour!

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