3 Great Places to Dine in Manchester

3 Great Places to Dine in Manchester

Regardless what delights your culinary fancy, Manchester has the best food to satisfy your hunger. The city boasts a great selection dining spots to eat. Manchester restaurants are found everywhere. You can have mouth-watering breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners in a beautiful atmosphere. No matter whether you are a voracious eater, a foodie or a committed gourmet, the following restaurants in Manchester have something tasty for you.

Tattu Restaurant & Bar:

If you have to see or experience the ultimate combination of great food and amazing setting, Tattu Restaurant & Bar should be your place. Specialise in delectable Chinese food, Tattu has become one of the highly sought after and extraordinary venues to eat in Manchester. The restaurant is run by two brothers – Drew Jones and Adam. Peep through the downstairs bar. It’s got great ambiance and looks. It has a nautical or maritime feel and is equipped with deep set booths, dark wood, etc. Grab a glass of cocktail with chrysanthemum flavour.


As much as Iberica is famous for food, it is also popular for its stunning looks. It immediately strikes your attention. As you enter, you will encounter the spacious bar. Have a couple of drinks before heading upstairs to pamper your taste buds. You will see two terraces with a complete drink menu. The menu is adorned with cocktails and Spanish wines. Food is simply awesome. Thanks to Cesar Garcia, the head chef.

The French at the Midland:

As the name suggests, the restaurant – the French at the Midland – serves magnificent range of French dishes to tantalise your taste buds. The French at the Midland exudes a peculiar sense of destination. The interior is nicely embedded with fancy items. Visitors to Manchester often find the restaurant so elegant and grace and a meal here is well complemented with a glass of French wine.

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