Month: July 2015

3 Best Places to Stay with Your Four-Legged Friends in Manchester

Holiday plays an important role in today’s life. It has become indispensable because of continuous and monotonous office work. As you get all set

Top 5 Bars in Manchester: The Best Tipple in the City

With our selection of top 5 bars in Manchester, we’ve tried to go for the best, both geographically, and in terms of what each

Top 5 Afternoon Tea Venues in Manchester

It’s handy guide to the most popular afternoon tea Manchester has to offer. Occasionally, you must need to eat so decadent at afternoon tea and even

5 Amazing Places to Try Coffee, Tea & Meals in Manchester

Teacup Kitchen: There is no refuting the fact that Teacup Kitchen is one of the best cafes in Manchester to have a cup of

4 Best Coffee Shops & Cafes in Manchester

There is no denying the fact that Manchester has managed to earn a big name as far as England’s top-notch tourist hotspots are concerned.

Manchester is not just famous for being a Metropolitan city. Visiting this particular UK city will certainly bring a great amount of fun. Over

Three Restaurants to Date in Manchester

So, are you in Manchester City and planning for a date? Are you thinking about the restaurants in Manchester which make for the ideal

4 Italian Restaurants in Manchester

From pizza to pasta, modern to traditional, there is something for every Italian food aficionado in Manchester. There are several places where you can

Top 5 Manchester Events That You Shouldn’t Give a Miss in this July

Manchester International Festival is definitely a big hit in this month, along with the pizza-inspired art, site-specific theatre, a ten storey light sculpture, a Trainspotting-themed cinema party

Top 3 Summer Survciving Distractions in Manchester

From the massive water fights to interactive art, we’ve discussed a few summer distractions for the kids; that worths to be covered. Well, it’s